Sprout by HP

HP® Sprout is a fully functional creative workstation that democratizes creativity with an intuitive, natural, sensory and immersive experience. With the instant 3d objects capture function and the powerful speed, Sprout create a new computing experience that will change the way people create and work.

  • Blended Reality Team
  • Role: UI/UX Designer, Visual Designer, User Researcher
  • Deliverables: End to end workflows, Wireframes, High fidelity comps, Design specs, Iconography and illustrations
  • Link: https://sprout.hp.com
  • Responsibility: Responsible for user experience design and visual design for Immersive Computing, Blended Reality team. Participated in design research and concept development sessions. Work with design team, created work flows, wireframes, design documentations that help people reimagine the way they create.